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Brown Trench Coat

brown trench coat

As far as concern, trench coat is come with double-breasted collar and flap over front slits. Somehow the collar and lapels of these coats are the key accessories that lead into the double-breasted button fastening front. Moreover the large pockets sit of brown trench coat is situated at either side of the waist. Hence the pockets normally come with zip fastening. The button fastening epaulettes is sitting at the shoulders as well as a button fastening storm flap at the back. There are many color series offered for trench coat and brown trench coat is one of the most popular trench coats among others. Basically these brown trench coats are come with buckle fastening belt which feeds through the belt loops of the coat. Thus it is sitting at the waistline of the coat. Moreover most of the hemline of brown trench coat is falls to just below the knees. The embrace military chic is presented by these coats.

Perfect Fashion Ornaments Vs Brown Trench Coat

Basically brown trench coat is a useful garment for winter use. Nevertheless it can be trendy and contemporary too. Normally the coat is long, tank and over knee, as such lesser fashion accessories needed for pairing up with these coats. If you really want to create a chic and soothing fashion style with these coats, try to keep your base wear as light as possible. Body fitting garment like dresses, skinny jeans and tight tops are the perfect base wear for pairing up with brown trench coat. Thus if you are putting up a stylish and smart brown leather trench coat, then you might need to pair it with leather pants and skirts, for offering a total “leatherette” look.

For men, mens brown trench coat does not come with complicated features and details. They paired perfectly with all kinds of trousers, jeans and shirts. Nevertheless same as brown trench coat for women, men will pair it with brown boots or bamboo boots. In fact these coats are the perfect garment when you are having a sidewalk during cool season. It nicely protected your body.

Care Tips

Most of the brown trench coat is available only for hand washing. This is because machine wash will spoilt the texture and lining of the coat. You get the coat made of different materials like fabric, leather etc. A brown leather trench coat for example, is made of either authentic or faux leather. For authentic or genuine leather, it generally constructed from cowhide leather or sheepskin. For faux leather, it is made of polyester and nylon, together with spandex. Great materials is making to produce a cool garment, this is for sure. As such, the sturdiness and longevity of the coat is solely depending on two main factors; yet materials and craftsmanship. If that particular coat is finished with quality stitching and touch up, then it definitely last longer. Moreover the elasticity and water-resistant ability is better for genuine leatherette brown trench coat. Below are several examples of brown trench coat that good for your knowledge. Take a look on them before you consider for adding them as your wardrobe collection.

Burberry Prorsum Pleat detail Trench Coat
This 100% cotton of brown trench coat is come with beige pleat detail. As far as concern the collar of the coat is leading into the double-breasted front. The epaulette also is sitting on the shoulders of the long sleeves of this brown trench coat with twist back. Moreover the pleat details are also sitting on the shoulders. In addition the pockets are placed on either side of the hips. The hemline is falls above the knee. The coat is having a modern twist making it infinitely wearable day or night. They are available for dry cleaning only. Thus they are come with Italian sizes. The measurement taken of these coats are 36” from shoulder to hemline.

Belstaff Burnt Brown Leather-Trench
Same as other trench coat like pink trench coat, this luxury trench coat is made in cognac-colored leather, is a type of cool and chic brown leather trench coat. The garment is come with classic shark-collar with typical trench outfitting. Thus it also finished with other details like shoulder flaps, sleeve bars and waist belt. They are double-breasted, straight and slim cut. The coat is creates a lean silhouette with feminine knee-length. Moreover it is padded with lateral pockets. The coat basically is a dream piece which is elegant and classic yet modern and feminine too. You can pair it with jeans at leisure time or matching it with a business costume at work or a cocktail dress in the evening.

brown leather trench coat

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