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Gothic Trench Coats for Various Halloween Look

Still not decide which costume to be wearing for tonight’s Halloween party? Want to create the most gothic look that you never tried it before? No idea which character you going to personate for tonight’s gothic party? Let’s me offer you a solution, start your looks from a gothic trench coat. The coat is able to solve 75% of your problem. This is due to the coat is considered the costume that covered most of your body part, other than your mask, jewelries and accessories like shoes, bags, shawls, scarves etc. There were gothic trench coats for men and women; you can pick the best one to fit your character. For example shabby or worn our mens gothic trench coats are required for the character of terrorist painter. Other than that Ruffles high collars gothic trench coats are required for ghost princess. Here have more ideas on how to create different characters for a Halloween party.

Gothic Trench Coats with Crow Feathers

Stick few crow feathers on your gothic trench coats to enhance your gothic look. Usually people relates crow with witch. Therefore create a witch look with these coats. Place a fake crow toy on one of the shoulder and if possible, the crow is able to sound terribly. This look is pretty common and many people tried this before.

Gothic Trench Coats with Pumpkin Patches

This look is a little bit fun when pumpkin patches are presented different smiley faces. Many gothic trench coats for sale are accompanies with pumpkin accessories like pumpkin key chains and pumpkin batches and name tag are those included. This look is available for male or female characters.

Gothic Trench Coats with Vampire Stand Collars

Want to create a stylish gothic character? Then vampire is the answer. Wear a gothic trench coat with stand collar, best if front part of this coat is enhanced with ruffle detailing. Enhance the gothic look with thorny vampire denture. Get a gothic face makeup, with thick white powder and smoky eye color. Lastly don’t forget to put up some sharp fingernail. Try different materials of these coats like velvet gothic trench coats, leather gothic trench coats etc.

Gothic Trench Coats with Skeleton Frames

The gothic party is meaningless without the character of skeleton; I’m sure many of you agreed with this. Thereby get the coat painted with skeleton frames. However make sure the skeleton paint is removable because after the party, you may use the coat for other purpose. One coat for two uses, don’t you think is cool?

Gothic Trench Coats with Black Widow Spider’s Jewelries Sets

Lastly try this out, enhance the coat with horror black widow spider jewelries set. Match this costume with horror makeup, with blood fingernails and denture.

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