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Military Style Jacket: Where To Get & How To Wear?

About Military Jacket

The military style jackets have been around for over centuries. It witnesses the histories. The more you know about this outfit, the more you love it. The jacket is one of the popular outwears for celebrities, since earliest decades till present. Somehow the jacket was undergone reformation on its features and construct. For example it has been enhanced with decorative buttons, obvious epaulets as well as fun features of pockets. These details have reformatted the jacket and it appears to be different from the earliest model. However the retro styles of military style jacket still is preferred where it believes can present the best and the essentials of fashion.

Where to Get Military Jacket?

There were lists of men’s military style jacket and women’s military style jacket sold in the market. These jackets were presented in different sizes, materials and shapes; nonetheless the design, color pattern is about the same. You can get these items through different places. Here come two most recommended mens military style jacket and womens military style jacket you can consider:

For Men:

For Women:

The above jackets were used for different purposes, for example the motorcycle jacket is for riding whereas the hooded jacket is for all kinds of casual activities like shopping, weekend dates etc.

You can also consider plus size military style jacket here: (Both jackets are obtainable from

How To Wear Military Jacket?

How to wear this beautiful outfit? Principally you can wear the jacket in two ways, either with the jacket alone by itself or pair it with suitable tops and bottoms. Nevertheless the jacket is required to be full-buttoned if you intend for wearing it alone by itself. Since the piece is used solely for casual style. Therefore by all means you should get along it with other casual outfits. Let’s find out the proper ways to style the jacket.

Match the jacket with black ensembles. Pair it with black tank tops and pants. For women, you can also get along the jacket with lovely black skirts or shorts. It presents the jacket better. In another word, it makes the jacket obvious compares to other pieces on your body. The rule for choosing the top is get the simple design tops, without complicated pleats, prints and embellishing ornamental. This is due to the buttons, epaulets, cuffs, pockets and collars on the jacket is enough for the complication of the jacket.

Match the jacket with denim outfits. The military style jacket works perfectly with denim clothing. For example match it with skinny denim jeans or denim skirt. Somehow please match the jacket and denim bottom with white tops. Thus please ensure the tops are looking plain and pleasing to eye. Choose the faded or bright colors denim pants and skirts insist of the darker colors. Some great examples like gray denim jeans, powder blue denim skirts as well as faded jeans.

Find out more about fashion tips for military style jacket here:


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