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persian lam coat

Persian lamb is the lamb of the karakul sheep of Asia. Basically this kind of lamb is able to produce glossy and tightly curled fur. The fur is used foe constructing clothing, textiles, and crafts. The curled fur is come in black color and they are the favorite materials for constructing winter garment especially. Due to the popularity of Persian lamb fur, the manufacturer is getting mass production of Persian lamb coat. Somehow these lamb leather coats are receiving the order across the international border. Means, many countries are recognized the quality of Persian lamb coats and the demand on the item is increasing from year to year.

Basically the Persian lamb coat is best use during winter season; hence the garment is the daily use outfit for cool weather countries like Russia and Harping China. The thickness and pad layer of this lamb coat is getting them the necessity daily item for the resident in these countries. Somehow, the competitiveness come whereby the pieces are designed and constructed in different fashion and form for boosting up the sale of the garment. As far as concern, you got many option on Persian lamb coat. Each piece is claimed different from aspects like colors, length, cutting, sizes etc. You get those lamb fur coats in petite and tall sizes. As such, as usual practice, we will recommend you some of these garments that we think is meeting the quality and standard. Take a look.

Vintage 50’s Black Persian Curly Lamb Coat M/L

We first discover a vintage Persian lamb coat that is creating lots of fashion decorative statement for those who loves vintage clothing. As far as concern, this gorgeous and high end black Persian curly lamb coat is padded with mink collar.  It is exceptionally well made and Designed by Swears and Wells in Montreal.  They are fully lined in black silky satin, thus the piece is also accented with a gold flower Jacquard print. The immaculate condition of this lamb fur coat is drawn with no flaws to note.  Moreover the coat is also accessorizing with furrier hook and eye closures. They are attached with two side pockets which are lined in velvet fabrics. The garment is perfect for a chilly night on the town.

Persian lamb Jacket @ Coat

This Persian lamb coat is actualized with the statement of “faux fur, real luxury”. Somehow they are the great looking and feeling coat. Likewise this lamb coat is offered with incredibly plush and undeniably sophistication. Thus they are also meticulously tailored and semi-fitted. The garment is mixed decorated with leopard print lining. They are installed with two front flap pockets and hidden clip-and-loop closures. Somehow, same as other lamb fur coat, they are finished with princess seams front and back. In terms of materials, this black Persian lamb coat is made with the combination materials of acetate, cotton, polyester and nylon.

Terry Lewis Faux Persian Lamb Fur Belted Coat

Continue our journey to another spectacular Persian lamb coat! This long sleeves lamb coat is also constructed from lustrous and curly faux fur. They are come with V-neck, notched collar and attached with thick shoulder pads. Moreover the buttoned cuff and double-breasted metallic button front is making this Persian lamb coat the sophisticated winter garment that is winning the battle. Thus the on-seam pockets and self-tie sash is getting them even better than other coats and outfits. The lamb coat is also come along with interior pockets with straight hem. For the shell part, it contained of 65% rayon and 35% cotton; thus the lining part is consisting of 100% polyester. The coat is measured with the approximate dimension of 32-3/4″L.

Pamela McCoy Button Front Persian Lamb Fur Replica Coat

Still not convinced with the above two Persian lamb coats? Then you should take a look at this. Consequently this Persian lamb coat is offered in tonal color and silky texture weaves; the sophisticated design is getting this coat becoming multidimensional sophistication. They are designed for cold-weather indeed. Somehow the comfort and elegant layers of this lamb coat is able to show your flair for lux fashion, pertaining to any occasions. Thus the design is completed with ladylike belled sleeves. They are finished with a classic notch collar. Moreover this Persian lamb coat is replicates the sheared look of this piece with accented scalloped effect which exposes the velvety soft pile for sophisticated luster. Hence the shorter length and lighter weight of the coats are offering the versatile style which is absolutely comfortable in a variety of temperatures.

lamb coat

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