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Contemporary Trend for Petite Trench Coat

A trench coat is needed as daily outerwear where to prevent you from weather changes. The coat is even needed during cool winter days. For petite ladies, a petite trench coat is needed insists of long bulky and heavy coat. This is where designer needs to cater for this market from time to time in order to fit different needs. At this point of time the market for petite trench coats are more for Asian where normally Asian lady is come with smaller body sizes. The coat is being amended for its measurement to make it smaller and fits petite ladies indeed. However not only for Asian, western also go for this market. In fact some petite trench coat for women is featured specifically to a demography sector. More than that fashion tips are attached to advice the consumer on how to dress the coat right. This is how the new business model is, before sales service plus after-sales service. Customer will come back to you or refer other sales if you serve them well. At present the market of this coat is picking well due to the power of “word of mouth”.

Most petite trench coat women are about the same. Same like we are recognizing swing coats for its swinging design. The basic features of trench coat like waterproof materials, double breasted, notch collar lapels, front pockets are served. Thus most of these coats are lengthy, over waist length indeed. The only different between trench coats for petite women with others is the coat does not “as trench as you think” which means they are not really long. The coat is shorter than any normal sizes of trench coat in the market. This is due to the body proportion where petite ladies suits for shorter length of trench coats. Thus the best petite trench coat is probably the one that closed the length of sweater, cardigan or even a vest.

The celebrity’s choices of this coat are under your attention; somehow are these coats suits you? Not necessary indeed. For example the London Fog petite trench coat and Michael Kor pink trench coat might look good on Jodie Foster and Kate Moss; however it not necessary work on your body. The chess is on your hand to decide which coat best present yourself. Besides pattern, you need to be alert on colors which to choose the best color that present you well. For example for petite plum ladies, navy color is the best like black, navy blue, dark brown etc. Nonetheless if you eager for a refreshing image, then brighter tone series of petite trench coats are the choices like mint green, polar blue, marshmallow white and salmon pink.

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