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The Best Way To Wear Plaid Pea Coat

Love pea coat? Then don’t forget to include one nice pea coat to your wardrobe today! The pea coat is as good as you are expecting. The coat is able to cover your body neatly especially during cool winter night. Basically the double breasted front of the coat is able to keep warm, to add warming element to your body when you far from fireplace. Thus the coat usually extends to thigh which best pair with any pants, denims and leggings. The coat is available for all, men and women, toddler to grannies. Thereby there was no reason you don’t like pea coat. It seems like owning pea coat is becoming a trend.

By the way, what make a pea coat different from one to another? There are many indeed. From materials, detailing finishes to the pattern, more to discover in fact. Somehow today our focus is on patterns, where assuming pattern is the one that make a pea coat unique from other. Thereby to filter more our searches, we would like you to know more about plaid pea coat today, the coat that is able to offer modern and vintage style both. Thus this design of coat is able to fit any shirt, blouses as well as bottom garment like pants and denims that we’ve mentioned before. In spite of this, let’s discover some of the proper way to wear plaid pea coats now.

Since most mens plaid pea coat and womens plaid pea coats are thick and bulky, therefore you don’t spend more time and effort for finding the patterned blouse or shirt to pad the coat up. In another word, the coat should become the focus insists of shirts and blouses that you are wearing. This is the first rule you should abode when wearing this coat. Then what else to focus? Yes, you should spend more eye on finding a cool pant, waist belt and earring to complete the look while you are wearing this coat. There is one thing to remind you that the plaid print of the coat is offering sophistication effect for your entire look. As such don’t confuse the look with any complicated prints of fashion accessories like polka dot scarves, beaded necklaces, floral rhinestones bracelets etc. Find one plain and fitted pant or denim, or even a tight to match with the coat.

Finally you should look for a pair of nice boots to accompany the coat. For example match a pair of cool leather ankle boots with your black and white plaid pea coat. Avoid for wearing same pattern of boots in order for not incurring the confusion on image. Additionally do not hesitate to carry any plaid print hand accessories like plaid print handbags or wristlets to create casual smart look.

plaid pea coat

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