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The Sophistication and Versatility of Satin Trench Coat

satin trench coat

Satin is actually a weave that principally come with glossy surface. Thus it comes with dull back. Thus this type of material is suitable to use for making clothing like coats, skirts, gowns etc. This is because of satin woven fabric is tend to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. As such, today we will talk about satin trench coat, which is one of the favorable fashions that usually made of satin fabric. Basically satin coat is elegant in terms of look. The coat stayed shining and smooth on its surfaces. Moreover satin coats always selected as the outfit for important occasion like dinner and important appointment. Therefore, today we will talk about satin trench coat, the coat that able to make you look classy and elegant all the times.

Are satin trench coats expensive? The answer is depending on the quality of the satin fabrics. However satin coats normally charged with higher prices compares to other coats. Some expensive satin trench coat can charged right up to 5 figure prices. Nevertheless you still can get the one that come with the average prices of approximately more than $100; as such, like I mentioned earlier, it depends on the materials and the construct of the coat. As usual practice, we would like to bring out several types of satin trench coat (as below) that we think is good stuffs that we should offer you.

Jessica Simpson Satin Trench Topper

This satin trench coat is a crisp stuff and they are the all-weather trench that is constructed with attractive satin sheen. Thus this satin coat is greatly styled with a split-lapel collar and button-tab cuffs. Moreover there is a tie belt that finishes the classic look of these satin coats. The piece is come with front button closure as well as front and back buttoned yoke shields. Thus they are water-resistant and are available to use for raining and winter season. The side tab pockets and print polyester lining is making this satin trench coat more functional than ever. In terms of materials, they are made of cotton, polyester and spandex. The garment is measured with approximate length of 34 inches from shoulder. Somehow same as many other satin coats, they are available for dry cleaning only.

Mossimo® Black: Satin Wrap Trench Jacket – Purple

These satin trench coats only offered with women sizing. For materials part, they are consisting of 54 % cotton, 43 % nylon and 3 % spandex; whereas for the lining part, they are consisting of 100% polyester. The garment is come with collared neckline and wide lapels collar. Thus the coat also is installed with long sleeves and finished cuffs. This satin trench coat is taken up the length of hitting knee. Thus they are finished with button down closure and finished hem. The other details like front pockets, back darts and top stitching are making this satin coat the sophisticated piece for use. As far as concern, they are available for dry cleaning only.

Burberry Prorsum Duchess Satin Reef Knot Trench

This silver toned satin trench coat is come with knot detail at the back. Moreover there is also single knot detail at back of waist of the coat. They are double breasted silhouette indeed. Moreover there are ruffle detail on shoulders of these satin coats. The piece is also come with classic trench epaulets and belted cuffs. Two pockets at the side with flap detailing. For material part, they are consisting of 32% silk and 68% viscose. For the lining part, it contained of 52% acetate and 48% viscose. Same as other satin trench coats, they are available for dry cleaning only.

RALPH LAUREN – Satin-Effect Double-Breasted Trench Coat

This light blue color series of satin-effect double-breasted trench coat is the great offer from Ralph Lauren. It is featuring with two front button-flap pockets and a fabric waist belt. The pockets and belts are come with a brown buckle and shoulder epaulettes. Moreover there is also a scalloped flap across the yoke at the back and a single vent. The piece is consisting of 50% nylon and 45% of elastane. However this satin trench coat is available for dry cleaning only, machine wash is strongly prohibited.
satin coat

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