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Tweed Sport Coat – A Must Have in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Tweed sport coat is a timeless fashion piece for the gentlemen of any generation. The name Tweed comes from the Scottish word tweel. The original name actually came about in a funny way. In 1830, a UK merchant received a letter from a Hawick business about some tweels. The dealer misunderstood the writing, thinking it was a trade name from the river Tweed located in the Scotland’s textile areas. He later marketed the name as Tweed, afterwards the rest is history. The material is a rough woollen fabric that is woven together and the colour effects come from twisting different pattern into a two or three ply yarn. Tweed is usually used for informal outdoor activities because of the durability and being moisture resistant.

The Harris Tweed sport coat, more frequently called the Harris Tweed jacket, has been made in the Western Isles of Scotland since the mid-19th century. The cloth of this tweed sport coat dates back more than a few centuries. A hard-wearing, sustainable, comfortable and smart jacket, it is now one of the defining features of the English country gentleman. You can choose from a number of this tweed sport coat men from the official web site, as well as waistcoats, trousers, overcoats, plus-fours, hats and suits. Some of these are ready-made or can be made to order, depending on the cut you fancy.

Donegal tweed sport coat gets a modern update, compliments of Kroon in this flecked charcoal sport coat with patch pockets and a subtle audio port for the modern man. Kroon makes soft, affordable mens tweed sport coat who value personal look and way of life celebrating life, superfluity and cheerfulness. It is intended to be worn with jeans, khakis and comfortable casuals.

One item that is essential to a man’s wardrobe is a tweed sport coat. Not like a suit, this sport coat is designed to be worn on its own and as a mix-and-match clothing piece. Depending on what you pair one with; they can be worn for casual or business attire. They are suitable for the office as well as for going out to dinner. They can be worn in various ways to create many looks. There are some looks to consider. You can try them with a pair of black wool slacks and a turtleneck for a winter look. On a cool, summer night, pair this lightweight sport coat with a solid tee shirt and a pair of pants.

The great thing about a tweed sport coat is that it does not require a tie. Of course, if you follow to a business casual office dress code, then a shirt and tie may be appropriate. A sport coat can look great with a dressy tee or a crisp white shirt. Sweaters also look great under a sport coat.

These sport coats are easy to find. They are available in the men’s department of stores and online at various men’s stores.

tweed sport coat

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