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Leopard Fur Coat

Do you love animal print clothing? I’m sure everybody loves it, especially women. The coat is a great garment that presents the sophistication and trends. The main category is dividing into animal print fur coat and skin coat. Nevertheless today our focus is on animal print fur coat, indeed for genuine fur as well as the faux one. Generally many types of animal print fur coat is found like rabbit fur coat, leopard fur coat, mink fur coat, fox fur coats etc. Among all, leopard fur coats are considered the leading one as they are available for formal and informal use. These items are perfectly decorated latest fashion by accented the base wear like simple cutting of shift dresses or pencil dress. Even the coat is a great garment for contributing you the luxury evening look whereby helps of accumulating lots of attention and focus. The thickness of the leopard fur coat is also preventing you from the cool weather. This condition is proven when you found artists are wearing them during year end international award ceremony while they are showing patent evening dresses along the red carpet in Hollywood. As such, leopard fur coat like leopard faux fur coat is considered the signature outer accessories that puts woman in elegant statement.

Leopard Fur Coat – Base Wear

Is leopard fur coat match with leopard print dress? The answer is, “NO”. Why? Basically these coats supposed to be pair with single color series of garments like silk white cheongsam or solid black tube prom gown. This is because of you will look totally confused if the sophistication of the print of your leopard fur coat is clash with the same print from the dress. As such, if you would love to put up these garments, please ensure you know how to pair it right. However although one piece leopard print dress might not suits leopard fur coats; thus the coat is incredibly matched with leopard prints of bottom wear like leopard skirts and pants. A leopard faux fur coat for example, is looking sexy and commanding with a super mini leopard hot skirt or short. In fact this is the perfect wear for New Year party. You can even dress it up for wild-theme party. Moreover get this coat up when you feel you want to increase some elegant statement for your evening clothing. I can ensure you that they can instantly transform your image from ordinary to the outstanding one.

Fashion Ornamental – Leopard Coat

In terms of fashion ornamentals or accessories, you got to watch up some when you are getting leopard faux fur coat up. As far as concern, all kinds of jewelries and scarves that come with leopard prints go well with leopard fur coat like leopard faux fur coat. Leopard hoop earrings and leopard pendant necklace for example, is indicate strongly to people that you are putting up a full leopard fashion statement and message. Hence, leopard motif of leather gloves for example, is the best hand garment that making your coat looks even attractive and sophisticated. Moreover don’t forget about a pair of soothing and sexy leopard print boots. Basically any kinds of boots are served like ankle boots or knee length leopard print boots. They will offer you the total safari wild image which other fashion style is hard to compete with. If you felt you need more accessories to compliment your leopard faux fur coat; then get a thick or thin bar of leopard print waist belt up. Nonetheless, like I said earlier, always keep your base wear with one color only.

Authentic Leopard Fur Coat or Faux Leopard Print Coat

Recently faux leopard faux fur coat is greatly demanded comparing to the authentic fur leopard coat. There are several reasons behind indeed. First of all, the leopard faux fur coat is absolutely cheaper than the authentic fur one. Just take an example, an authentic leopard fur coat can cost you $1, 5000 plus comparing to the faux one which is only cost you 1/10 from the prices, some even cheaper. Therefore people rather than go for the faux one as they don’t need to tight their stomach for whole month just for getting a piece of leopard faux fur coat. Secondly, genuine fur animal print clothing is strongly prohibited accordingly to wild animal rules. More and more organizations and agency started the campaign and activities of stopping wild animals abusing. Moreover lots of awareness is created of protecting wild animal eco-system. The government also is setting lots of rules, enforcement and punishment on illegal wild animal abuse and hunting. As such, due to tans of reasons and causes, the demand on faux leopard print coat is becoming greater. In fact, I personally felt that this is a good trend that should continue to futuristic fashion industry, don’t you think so?

leopard fur coats

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