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Miracle – Plaid Wool Coat (Part II)

plaid wool coat

The contrast combination of green white and red is making me looks fashionable and modern. I didn’t applying any scarf or gloves because I felt those accessories will make me tired. This plaid wool coat is double breasted with flap over front placket. Thus same as many other plaid wool coats, they are nicely decorated with big green art décor front buttons. Moreover the coat is also accented by two beautiful front pockets. I pick a stunning green garnet bib necklace and a pair of red bead earrings. The color combination of this fashion style looks perfect. However not to forget about the shoes; I’ve chosen a pair of back wedge shoe which matched ideally with the coat as well as the legging.  I put up a green wig, long blonde wig indeed and take a full deep sexy smoky make up. When I turned myself in front of mirror, I just can’t believe this is me. Then before walk out from my house, I choose to carry a red leather wrist purse. The plaid wool coat make me feels comfort and warm.

During the party …
As you know, the party is flooded with all the low cut, mini dresses as well as the deep V gown; however all the garment is wore by youngsters like me. Some of them look not really fits to the garment. I confidence on my look and fashion; at least I think it suits my age and the theme of the party. I used to wear all kinds of sexy garments to various kinds of party; nevertheless this time I felt I’m get into the right dress. I felt special compares to others. Everyone seems surprised when they saw my fashion; nevertheless praise comes afterwards. After a while, the ceremony is informed the nominees for the party queen. I totally don’t care as I don’t think so I will be the one as today for me is a day for a relax garment, which make me happy in an important event. However the attention comes to me when the mc announced my name. I’m one of the final four nominees. My nervous later is getting up when two of them is already taken the third and forth place. Then when another girl is informed as taking second place, I was so shock and surprise that I was selected as the party queen. Things come too fast and unexpected which I still can’t believe till now. They informed about the overall comments on my fashion style as well as the comments from the judges. Can you imagine I won the party queen from a fashion design college, what such a great honor of it! The comment is about I’m combining the vintage and contemporary fashion style that looks stunning and fashion leading. Thus they commented that my body height, shape and image are perfectly matched with the plaid wool coat as well as other garments that come with these coats. They praised on my choices on fashion selection and I’m got so excited when I found this comment is come from one of the reputable professor from this college which I admired him so long. He never taught me before, as he is the professor for postgraduate classes. He personally commented on the green white plaid wool coat that I wore and he praised me on getting the right garment that reminded the judges about the origin of this graduation party. He also added that the green wig that I’ve chosen is represent the modern fashion look while the plaid wool coats are the one that is making me looks vintage. As such, for the judges this is the fashion sense that every of the graduates of this college supposed to have, insists of follow the modern fashion trend blindly.

After the party …
I felt this plaid wool coat is offering me some magic and I felt he is smiling with me now. I took out all my other plaid wool coats and comparing them with this piece. I felt I will love plaid clothing more after this incident and this plaid wool coat will always reminded me the amazing experience that I have before.Thanks Ms Green White Plaid Wool Coat!
plaid wool coats

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