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Tips for wearing Plus Size Leather Coats

How to dress confidently plus size leather coats? Take a look at below tips:

Choose the Navy Tone Leather Coat

As directed by the professionals, the navy tone plus size leather coats can make plus size women look slimmer. For example the black plus size long leather coats and navy blue plus size full length leather coats. The navy outerwear is shaving your body silhouette to make you trimmer. As such please go for navy tone series of these coats to ensure you look as slimmer as you desired. By the way do not go for navy color series of base wear if you already chosen the navy tone coats. At this period there were tremendous plus size ladies leather coats on sale and you can take this opportunity to choose one that best suit your style.

Match the Coat with Plain Outfits

In connection with the first point, please get along your leather coats with plain outfits. Although most plus size leather coats for women come plain and simple; however it does not mean you should wear the sophisticated design of base tops. For example insists of choosing a ruffle tank top for your black plus size leather coats and jackets, why not consider for a plain V neck tank top, it makes you look better indeed. Then again, do not go for same color series of base wear and coats. For example you should put up a white tops insists of black tops to team up with your coats.

Choose the Full Length Leather Coat

The other tip to make a plus size lady look slimmer is to choose the full length plus size leather coats. The full length here means the coat should be measured from shoulder to toes, possibly over knee. The coat is smartly covered your problem area which referring to waist, buttock and thighs. Do not go for the coat that constructed equivalent or above waist length cause it will make you look shorter and plumper. A plus size duster leather coat for example, is the ideal coat you can think of. The coat is able to hide your weakness and prolong your strength.

Say “no” to Fashion Accessories

The other taboo you should abide is please avoided of putting up too many fashion accessories on your body while layering the coat. You need to understand that the coat is responsible to cover your weakness and divert people’s attention to other thing insist of your body shape. Thus the action of adding accessories on your body is like highlighting your body curve to others. People will spend more eyes on your tummy, thighs and arms.

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