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The Two Most Popular Quilted Coat Brands

You cannot miss the chances to know more about quilted coat if you are currently adding collection to your wardrobe. Hence to obtain money worthy and beautiful quilted coats, you need to study the current offering of these coats in the market. At this point of time, there are several brands of these outfits that get people crazy and crash the current fashion trend. These brands are listed below together with its signature quilted coat. Somehow today our focus is more on womens quilted coat compares to mens quilted coat. Nonetheless some of the coat is actually unisex, which is available for men as well as women. They are constructed under dedicated team with supreme craftsmanship which is available to produce the best compares to others. Both of these brands are offering apparels and outfits other than coats, however, since today out focus is on quilted coats; therefore take a look at the strength of their product and share your thoughts with us.

Lanvin Fashion House, Paris

The quilted coat produced by Lanvin is an unbeatable brand name in the fashion industry. As for your kind information, Lanvin is created by Jeanne Lanvin, which is the founder of Lanvin fashion house in Paris. She is one of the most influential fashion designers for 1930s. Hence the intricate trimming virtuoso embroideries and beads decorations on light and clear floral shades are basically the trademark of Lanvin clothing. A Lanvin Silk Quilted Trench Coat for example, is the coat that comes with confidence and charms. As far as concern, the collar of the coat is added with hook fastening which it is laying on the neckline. Moreover the design of the coat is also followed by short lapels and a double breasted frontier. Likewise the grosgrain belts trims are perfectly wrap the high waist of the user. The coat is topped with long sleeves and they are added with zip pockets. Hence the chain trimmed hemline of these womens toggle coats are also falls above the knee-length. The details of these outfits are the key factors that make them stand out from this fashion season.

Episode Clothing, New York City, US

The Episode clothing is established in the year of 1888 and it is exclusively targeted for UK and North Europe market. The brand is a glamour woman’s wear fashion label that renowned everywhere. The Episode quilted coat is designed by a dedicated New York fashion design team which is emphasizing on sophisticated collection as well as superior craftsmanship. As far as concern the coat designed is meeting all age classes and met modern fashion image and appearances. At this point of time the episode apparels and clothing inclusive of womens and mens quilted coat is available only at House of Fraser. Let’s take a cool quilted coat offered by Episode, Episode Quilted Mid-Length Coat indeed. The coat is featured with unique funnel neck as for its collar design. They are single breasted and easy for wearing. The coat is a perfect daily garment or outfit. In terms of materials, they are consisting of 60% of wool, 30% polyester as well as 5% of viscose.

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