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Woman and Coat

Woman can’t living without coat? Do you agree with my statement. Actually there’s no absolute answer for this question. All you need to do is to clarify the role of coat or outfit for woman. As far as concern, woman’s coats are varied from materials, finishes, detailing right up to the pattern and design. Somehow there’s once which pattern and design come first in prior the quality of the coat. However this trend is getting change when they realized great pattern doesn’t guarantee for longevity and strength of the coat. As such, they started to set parallel requirements when go for coat or outfit selection.

Pattern and Design

Which type of coat is the hot pickings for woman? Actually it depending on individual needs. Some woman loves their coat to look elegant and sophisticated whereas some prefer to put on simple and straightforward design of coat. Most of the time, if sophisticated coat is applying; then those coats are either made of velvet or sateen fabrics which presented more classy and elegant look. These kind of outfits also are suitable to use for important function and occasions especially evening event. Likewise the coat is not only a coat, they are also a fashion accessory that responsible for decorating your fashion statement and style. Therefore woman will pay attention on the details of these luxury setting of coats.

Winter Garment

Somehow for winter garment, woman is also focus on the details and construct of the coat. For them, these garments are responsible more on “working” which is to protect their body from injury and coolness comparing to fashion. As such, the detailing for the coat especially like stitching, collar, pockets are the important area that woman will looking at when they select for winter coats. In this case then; there are few coats always are the selection for woman like long wool coat, trench coat, swing coats etc. Nevertheless due to the competitiveness, the design and construct of these winter garments getting complicated too. Each piece of them is claim better to another. As such, for now, winter garment also is taking a place in fashion industry whereby they need to perform image and functionality both.


Color is another important criteria when woman looks for coats and outfits. Pink trench coat for example, is welcomed for woman that loves energetic color. However, at this moment, black, brown and white still are the three most popular color for coat pickings. The reason i s very simple, because these garments are easily get along with other base wear and bottom wear. A white trench coat for example, is pairing well with all color types of shirts, blouses tubes as tops; then jeans, pants and trouser as bottom wear.

Buying Guide

Buying a coat is an investment, because they might cause you one or two months salaries. As such, be selective when you go for any of these coats. In case you are looking for a vintage look coat, then make sure you know more about the varieties of vintage design coat like swing coat and wiggle coats. Make sure the garment is conveying the functionality as you required. Moreover be alert on the production details of the coat. Make sure you know what, where, when and how these coats are produced. Don’t ever trust the persuasive speech from the shop assistant.
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