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Trench Coat Fever

As defined by WIKIPEDIA, typical trench coat is featured with following details:

  • Ten Front Buttons
  • Double-breasted
  • In tan, khaki, beige or black fabric
  • Attached with cuff straps on raglan sleeves
  • Wide lapels, shoulder straps and a self tie

The coat is usually worn as windbreaker or raincoat. Indeed it doesn’t really used for protection during cold winter season as well as snowy conditions. Furthermore there’s limited option of trench coat during that period. People don’t really relate this outfit with fashion. They treat the coat as daily use item.

In compares with that we’re much serious in styling the trench coat nowadays. The piece has been analyzed, modified and re-designed in new format. The old design has been re-formatted to the new interfaces. For example there were nice satin trench coats which it doesn’t exist last time. Moreover there were rustic-looking trench coats such as military trench coat and denim trench coat which is absolutely stunning for men’s fashion. These garments are principally fitted to any pants or jeans. The coat is also has been added and dropped with details like buttons, shoulder pads, placket, vent etc. For example there’s black trench coat with six buttons only which is totally different from the classic style trench coat that is having ten buttons. Moreover there are trench coats with single vent and double vent which previous time it designed with single vent only. The more you know about the latest design of trench coat the more you get excited and impress.

The size (which is the length) of the coat is also undergo big changes. Previously the coat is constructed over knee-length, some even reach calf. However there are varieties of trench coats offered now and these coats were designed and constructed in different length and width. For example there was petite trench coat which the coat is reaching waist line only or a little bit longer. Then there is also knee-length trench coat that is available for two styling. First you can match it with tights or skinny jeans. Secondly you may wear the coat as single piece outfit without getting it along with pants or jeans. Some people called this feature of trench coat as trench coat dress.

How to wear trench coat? We heard of this question many times. Although there are many tips on how to style the trench coats however you need to pick the one that hits your requirements. If you unsure how to wear this outfit then is better don’t buy it first until you found out how to use it right. Perhaps you should start learning how to wear a trench coat now.

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