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Quilted Jackets For Women – Additional Features & Style

What make women choose quilted jacket? There are many reasons behind. However the main goes to the quilted jacket makes women feel comfortable. The jacket does not tight and making them easy to breath. Somehow the main purpose for wearing this jacket should serve where most of the time quilted jacket is needed during cool season. As far as concern the jacket is popular for outdoor activities during winter months. There were plenty of quilted jackets for women sold and which one matched your requirement? Basically the jacket is almost the same in terms of outlook where it usually fluffy, petite and quilted. Somehow many modern designs of womens quilted jacket were recommended to the market and these jackets were interesting more than you’re expecting.

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The first accessory that makes the jacket looks different is principally a hood. The hood is playing two roles, for designs as well as for protecting head, ears and face. There were some interesting designs of hood that absolutely will capture your attention. For example the lovely floral print hood that definitely wins women’s heart. In fact the whole piece of jacket is cheering up with the presence of this hood. For women who preferred rustic look of quilted jacket, then she should go for the one that adorned with stylish denim hood, even the corduroy hoods.

Colorful Stitching
The traditional design of women’s quilted jacket touched only on thick, navy and rough navy stitches. Nonetheless there’s actually a new way to present these quilted women’s jacket which to add it with colorful stitches. This seems like a great idea where these sparkling stitches are making women shining. Indeed it takes the glory of necklace, earrings and key chains on women’s handbag. At this point of time colorful stitches existed most of darker tone quilted jackets for women. For example the black, navy, dark brown and hunter green quilted jacket.

What additional feature than make a womens quited jacket stays different? Button is the answer. The front, cuffs and back buttons are those spots that create lots of difference for the jacket. The metallic button is a favorite choice when women found gold, silver and bronze accented button is pretty cool for night styling. These buttons are greater than any jewelries items. For women who love vintage styling fashion, daisy design button or any floral designs of button is the choice. Somehow animal shape button like cat, owl, and ladybug button is also great for this style.

Happy Goat Lucky Stamford quilted short jacket


BGSD Women’s Quilted Down Parka Coat with Faux Rex-Rabbit Fur Trim


BGSD Women’s Chevron Quilted Down Parka Coat with Fox Fur Trim in Black or Brown


BCBGeneration women’s Quilted Hood Jacket


Armani Exchange Quilted Moto Jacket

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