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Types of Wool Pea Coat

For wool fashion, wool pea coats managed to make them different and stand out by the test of time. The coat usually constructed in navy and is the universal outerwear option for many tops and bottoms. For example people matched a black wool pea coat with jeans, wool pants etc, thus both looks good. As far as concern the coat was originally worn by sailors in the European navies. Somehow times have brought this piece out and they become part of the mainstream fashion now. Indeed the wool pea coat is one of the hottest winter coats for US as well as other countries under four seasons. You can easily recognized the coat by its specialized features like broad collar lapels, obvious sizes buttons as well as double breasted front.

Somehow no matter for mens wool pea coat or womens wool pea coat, the main criteria for selecting the coat still come under the wool varieties. This means people will buy the coat according to its wool varieties.

Sheep’s Wool

The sheep wool pea coat like the one made of merino wool, Loden wool, Melton wool and Shetland wool is the preferred choice for some people. The main reason why sheep’s wool pea coat was chosen is due to the coat will retain its exterior when stretched. Thus it is wrinkle resistant and static free. Somehow the plushy, soft and warm feature of the coat is making them the priority winter wear option right beyond others.

Alpaca Wool

The alpaca wool was extracted from two breeds of alpaca, which are Huacaya and Suri. The wool is producing dense, thick and crimped wool pea coat. No matter for making any wool pea coat men or women, the piece is lustrously silky and shining. Thus it presents the best look of a person. As far as concern the coat comes with nice luster and it is strong enough to stay for longer period. Moreover the piece is lightweight, unlike the natural feature of wool pea coat which is heavy and bulky.

Cashmere Wool

Everyone heard of cashmere wool and it was recognized as the finest quality wool that used to develop clothing especially. In lieu with this the cashmere wool pea coats are expensive compares to the pea coat that made of other types of wool. The pea coat made of cashmere wool is lofty and soft. Indeed the wool is adjustable to the humidity in air for perfect adaptability in all weathers. You absolutely stay cozy and comfort with this piece all the time.

Angora Wool

The angora wool is obtainable from Angora rabbit which is the extremely soft, lofty and lustrous wool to make clothing like pea coat. The coat made of this wool is as sturdy as others. Possibly the piece is lightweight and portable, you can carry them easily. Additionally this wool coat is best heat retention of all other natural wools and they are non-odor absorbing.

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