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The Versatile Wool Swing Coat

Wool is the favorable material for making winter clothing, like coat, sweater, skirt and jacket. The reason why this textile fiber is chosen due to wool made garment is able to keep warm. Thus it is elastic enough to stay fine for longer period. One of the most popular garments that developed of wool is wool swing coat, for women especially. The swinging motion of this coat is making them unique from others like pea coat, trench coat and down coat. Most of these coats come with obvious snap up front, pockets, button flaps and perfect lining. The coat is identified as the most “vintage-feel” outer garment which put men and women in style.

How to wear wool swing coat? This is what we going to discuss now. By the way before we know how to dress this coat, please understand the core features of these coats. Most these coats specifically women’s wool swing coat comes petite, about waist length or several inches down from waist. This is where you should smart enough to choose the top and bottom garment. Thus due to wool made of swing coat usually heavy, thus you should select the top, pant or jean as lightweight as possible. For example, you should match a red wool swing coat with navy blue skinny jean, but not a bulky knee-length wool skirt. The fashion combination should be balance. However for plus size women, this coat should be the second or third choice as it failed to cover thick buttock and thigh, unless you get long wool swing coat, which is able to cover the part. Parenthetically there was plenty of plus size wool swing coat offered and some of them are offering custom-made service which to construct the coat as per your requirements.

When is the most suitable time to wear this coat? Where should you wear this coat? We’ve mentioned this before where the coat is needed during cool season. Nonetheless the situation changed recently where the coat is featured four seasons, where you can wear it throughout year, from winter to fall. For example long black wool swing coat is the daily outer garment to work, for women. Then the short teal wool swing coats are for nigh out or any evening events. This is why the coat becomes more and more popular when they no more fixed as winter clothing. They are offered throughout years.

Get ready a wool swing coat now? Then the next thing you should do is to add a wool hat and handbag, to match with the coat. Then you are ready for vintage party look.

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