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Tweed Jackets For Women

Tweed jacket is popular among men, seldom found tweed jackets for women. In fact the piece is developed mainly for men. Inn another word it is a tailored outfit for men. The standard features for this jacket is it usually single-breasted and come with hacking slant pockets. The deep single vent, button fastenings, elbow patch, inset and breast pocket is making this jacket unique from the rest. The jacket is less formal and it usually worn for casual activities. For example it is the chosen attire for hunting as well as for outdoor sports. Men love to reserve part of their wardrobe with this outfit. Some of them treated the jacket as weekend outfit. Somehow the unisex clothing trend has brought tweed jacket to women’s fashion world. More and more women started to wear this outfit.

There were nice women’s tweed jackets offered around these days after Harris Tweed has recommended its warming series of tweed jacket for women. The design and pattern of the jacket does not go far from the one for men. However the piece has been modified for its sizes, detailing and style. The jacket is trimmer and longer than men’s tweed jackets. The plain tweed still becomes the main material for making the entire piece. Thus it contained almost all standard features of tweed jacket. A quick example where the tweed riding jackets for women consists of cool single vent, two or three button fastening etc. The color of the jacket is pretty standard includes light brown, beige, sage green, mild gray etc. The jacket was developed in different sizes, for example the long tweed jacket, waist jacket, hacking jacket that comes in different sizing. Check the latest series of Harris Tweed jackets for women and you know exactly what I mean.

How to enhance the value for this jacket? The answer is to get it along with the right tops and bottom. The smart producer has developed tweed skirts and pants which matched perfectly with the jacket. In fact the consumer doesn’t need to crack their head for finding the piece to couple with their jacket. There were also cool tweed accessories like caps, belt, handbag where these pieces principally strengthening your “tweed-look”. Another thing to highlight here where the tweed jacket is not only for mature women, in fact young girls is wearing it now. Some organizations are making tweed outfits (jackets, skirts and pants) as their uniform. This makes people believe the actual value of this outfit. Check these cool and stunning tweed jackets for women here:

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Buy Now! bebe Serena Tweed Cropped Jacket

Buy Now! Vince Camuto Women’s Novelty Trim Tweed Military Jacket

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